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  • The organizer of the auction is “ Lusting system”
  • Lustig system "carries out its activities on auction organizations selling crypto currency in accordance with the current legislation and these Rules.
  • Lustig system "acts as the organizer of the auction.
  • The  bargaining  is conducted on the web site
  • The bargaining  are conducting  in  online mode
  • The winner of the auction is the participant who offered the maximum price for the lot.
  • Administration of the auction is not responsible for possible problems with communication delay and Internet signal from the participant, therefore, does not recommend buyers to bet on the last second before the end of the auction by lot.

Check  in

  • To participate in the online auction as a buyer you need to fill in all the fields of the registration form.
  • Personal data specified during registration is not transferred to third parties.
  • By registering, you confirm that you are acquainted and agree with the Auction Rules.
  • After submitting an application for participation in the lottery, it will be possible to make a bet  in the selected auction.
  • It is  not recommended to register twice time on the site, using one user through under different logins. 
  • In case you forgot the password, use the link "Forgot password?"  and follow the instructions below.

Start bidding

  • The beginning of the auction is carried out daily from 18.00 Beijing  time.
  •  After submitting an application for participation in the auction, the system will provide the user with all the necessary rights to execute trades in the selected auction

The End  of trades

Bidding is completed in the following cases

  • If the bidder offered the maximum price for the lot
  • In case if 24 hours have passed since the start of trading

Participation in the auction

  • Only registered users of the system can participate in the auction. Here  You can make  register
  • The auction organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in the auction in case of violation of the rules
  • To start trading, you must click the "Place a bid" button.
  • The participant is responsible for the bets placed by him, therefore, before you make a bet, carefully read the description of the lot. Cancellation of bets made is not possible.
  • For an error when bidding for a lot, the participant answers.
  • After the end of the auction, the winners will be automatically sent letters by e-mail with notification of the lots won.


  • Participation  fee -0.001 btc.
  • The initial price of the lot is- 0.001 btc.
  • The maximum price of a lot can not exceed 0.9 btc.

The step of the lot is set by the auction administrator

Redemption of the lot

  •  After the end of the auction, the Buyer is billed for the purchased lots. 
  • The lot must be purchased within 36 hours after the end of the auction
  • Redemption can be made in 2 ways
    • The participant pays the offered price for the lot
    • The participant uses the "Buy-out by partners"

ATTENTION: Using the "Redemption by partners of the project" service, a commission of 5% of the participant's profit is charged. Any interested user can be a partner here