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If the winner can not redeem the lot, then you can use the service «Partner's help»

Who is the partner?

  • Partner is the user who redeems the lot instead of the winner
  • Apply for redemption of the ground floor here

How to become a partner


  • Partner buys a lot
  • The partner pays the winner of the auction his profit minus the price for the service "Partner's help"
  • The price of the "Redemption of the partner" is 5% of the participant's profit amount
  • The winner's profit is equal to the sum of the lot minus the bid price.
  • The winner pays the partner 5% of the profit for the redemption of the lot


  • The lot being played is 1 btc
  • The participant of the auction offered for the lot price which is equal to 0.4 btc and won the lot. But the participant does not have the means to redeem the lot, in this case 0.4 btc. In this case, the participant can apply for the redemption of the lot here
  • After the application for the redemption of the lot, the partner pays the administration of the lot the price offered by the participant in this case is 0.4.
  • The administrator in turn pays the partner 1 btc.
  • A partner from 1 btc withdraws its part which he paid the auction administration in this case 0.4 btc. From the balance of 0.6 btc, the partner takes 5% for the provided service
  • The partner pays the winner of the lot the remaining amount of 0.57 btc