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Who has the right to participate in the auction?

- Any interested person has the right to participate in the auction.

What if I refuse to win the auction?

- In case of refusal to win, the winner is the participant who took the third place.

Where to apply for participation.

- You can apply for participation on the main page by clicking on the button "apply"

Where are the winners of auctions published?

- Auction winners are published on the finalized auction page

What is the minimum contribution for participating in the auction?

-Minimum contribution for participation 0.001 btc

When does the bidding start?

- Bidding starts at 6:00 pm Beijing time.

Where to apply for participation?

- You can apply for participation in the auction here

Where can I register in the system?

- Registration in the system is available for this link

What can be the step of the lot?

-The step of the lot is established by the auction administrator.

Where can I buy bitcoins?

- View where you can buy btc see here.

Where to store your bitcoins ?

- List of wallets here.